Terms & Conditions

Pharma plus is a licensed pharmacy who are authorized to sell, stock or exhibit for sale or distribute retail drugs other than those specified in (Schedules C, C(1) and X) of the Drug and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 and operating the pharmacy on the premises at 19/282-D, HMT Road, Kalamassery, Kochi-683104


By providing Online services, Pharma Plus is only providing an additional service to their customers in ordering the medicines through online which helps the aged and needed people to place order to Pharma Plus through online and the medicines will be delivered to the door steps of the Customers. Pharma Plus will either do the home delivery of the medicines to the address mentioned by the Customers or courier the medicines to the said address subject to the availability of the courier service.


However, while even while providing the online services, Pharma Plus are strictly adhering to the laws laid down relating to the distribution of the medicines in the State including the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules. Hence the terms and conditions laid down below will be strictly followed by Pharma Plus and the Customers are also requested to strictly follow the conditions which are applicable to them. Pharma Plus reserves the right to cancel any orders placed by the Customer without adducing any reason and Pharma Plus will not be liable for the same. The conditions laid down by Pharma Plus are as follows:- 


  • The medicines and drugs mentioned in Schedules C, C(1) and X of the Drug and Cosmetics Rules,1945 will not be are sold by Pharma Plus.


  • Pharma Plus will not store or sell any banned or illegal medicine or drugs and any such order placed by the customers online will not be entertained by Pharma Plus. In addition, Pharma Plus reserve the right to inform the appropriate authorities if any order for banned or illegal drugs are placed online by the customers without any warning or notice. 


  • Pharma Plus will sell the medicines or drugs which require doctor’s prescription or any drugs falling under Schedule H drugs falling under The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, and the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 only after getting the required prescription from an authorized medical practitioner. The customers requiring such medicines could either upload the prescription in the web site at the time of placing the order or will have to show the prescription at the place of delivering the medicine in case of home delivery. In case of home delivery directly by Pharma Plus, if the Customer fails to produce the prescription at the time of delivering the medicine, Pharma Plus will cancel such orders and return back medicines.


  • In the event, the medicines are to be couriered to any place, it is compulsory that the prescription should be uploaded online to the website at the time of booking the medicine. Pharma Plus will use reasonable efforts to verify the authenticity of the prescription. In case of uploading of forged or tampered prescription, Pharma Plus shall inform the necessary authorities and assist the authorities in proceeding against such customers. 


  • Pharma Plus will courier the medicines only from their premises from where they have the license to do business and couriering of any medicines will be subjected to the rules and regulation of the courier companies also. The customers should understand the fact that certain medicines will not be accepted by the courier companies and in such an event, Pharma plus will inform the customers on cancellation of the order or a particular medicine in the order.


  • For the supply of any drug which requires a prescription of a registered medical practitioner, if even such medicines are sold online, Pharma Plus will be recording the same at the time of delivering the order to the customer in the prescription register specially maintained for the purpose. 


  • Pharma Plus intends to do home delivery directly in most of the cases and it is the discretion of Pharma Plus to levy additional charges for the home delivery depending on the distance.


  • Customers are required to make payment either online as prescribed in the website or to make payment directly at the time of making in the home delivery. Pharma Plus will not delivery any medicine or drugs on credit basis. 


  • The customer placing the online order should be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age or placing the order under the strict supervision or guidance of their parents or guardian or a person who is above 18 years. 


  • Pharma Plus delivers the medicine which are available in their stock and the medicines or drugs delivered will be within the validity period.